Day 10 (week 2): Worrier

I don’t imagine that every Friday is going to be so easy but the Boss is still on his rest following his lucrative settlement on Tuesday. So far, I’ve got through three sets of papers for three different members of chambers. However, I fear that BusyBody has the same idea. I’m kicking myself for even imagining that it was somehow original. It’s obvious that this is one long lobbying session of members of chambers and there are, I guess, a very limited number of strategies which can be deployed. I shall have to endeavour to add a little originality in future.

The only pupil I havn’t mentioned so far is someone for these purposes I shall call Worrier. In many ways, her nervous tendencies will probably make her a very good lawyer. However, they can also drive you simply to wanting to shout ‘Stop’. Enough is enough. No more worry. Just get on with it. No detail is too small for Worrier. Do you think I should put a full stop here, a comma there? However, I have to admit that out of the three others, I see her as the only possible ally. She is the most impressionable and easily led and I have recognised early on that this may well come in useful.

I don’t want to sound harsh but I didn’t set the rules. In fact I think the whole pupillage thing it a farce. But if it’s there, don’t expect us not to try and win. And definitely don’t blame us if people get hurt along the way.

It’s only a game.

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