Day 14 (week 3): So much for Atticus Finch

Not sure why I’m keeping this blog but I have to admit that I’m enjoying it as one of the few outlets in an otherwise extremely dull world at present. It’s Thursday evening and the rest of the world is warming up for the weekend. Not so for BabyBarista. No. Drafting a Skeleton argument for an appeal which the Boss has tomorrow afternoon in Mayor’s and City of London Court. To be fair, since he did the case at first instance he actually seemed like he knew what he was talking about in this case in the five minute introduction he gave me before swanning off at 3pm. It’s now 11pm and I’m still struggling through three House of Lords’ authorities on measure of loss. This was not the reason I came to the Bar. Though come to think of it, I’m not sure why I did. Anyway, I do know that it wasn’t to be slaving away on a Thursday evening over obscure points of law hardly anybody even cared about when they were first decided. On behalf of an arrogant Pupilmaster and an insurance company, making sure that a disabled old lady doesn’t get an extra £20,000 loss of earnings. So much for Atticus Finch.

At least tomorrow I may get to see the Boss perform in court. Been three weeks so far and no sign of him even stepping inside of a courtroom. Got close, of course, before the settlement. Obviously, there’ll be no witnesses and cross-examination but still. Might be interesting to see.

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Keep up the good work. I enjoy it. A mature law student.