Day 4 (week 1): Lunch

It’s now Thursday afternoon and this is the first time that I’ve been set some written work to do. I’m therefore sitting at my computer just a few feet away from the Boss writing this blog under the auspices of doing a Particulars of Claim in a workplace liability case. What the Boss doesn’t realise it that I’ve had a precedent emailed over from a fellow pupil in another set which should save me a good couple of hours of work. Time enough then for a short note.

Until now, I have wholly occupied in trundling along behind the Boss and meeting and greeting other pupils. It seems that the way he likes it done is to refuse to acknowledge my presence when he’s with other barristers outside of chambers. We were at lunch yesterday in one of the Halls and he greeted a number of his chums. Some had pupils and the only confirmation that I was not invisible was that there was the perfunctory nod from them. A knowing look, that we’re all in the same boat. Not much fun is it etc. Raised eyebrows and at least there’s some real human interaction.

Did at least learn an important lesson at lunch. Chat was about nothing in particular and after much thought I eventually piped up with something designed to impress only to find that the Boss had decided to speak at the same time. Quick as a flash, he looked at me and pointedly said, “Sorry, after you” with raised eyebrows. It is not the first tikme that I have noticed that his best put downs are in the insincere courtesies he offers around. “No, no, I said. Sorry to interrupt”. “No, I insist,” he replied. “Go ahead”. Well, I was lost for words by that point and could only manage a bit of incoherent ramblings.

Top First was sitting opposite and smirked into his soup. Round one to him.

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