Day 8 (week 2): BusyBody

Guess what. No sign of the Boss today. No sign of him for the rest of the week in fact. He figures that he’s got his brief fee for the five day trial and so at the very least after all that hard work he deserves a rest. By jove, he’s earned it. Not that I’m complaining. When the cat’s away…Baby Barrista goes to the library. Well, gets the chance to visit a couple of the libraries actually. Turns out there’s quite a social scene already developed. A little Pupil ecosystem all of its own.

Anyway, today was the first day in which I started my plan to win over each Member of Chambers one by one. I’ve drawn up a list in Excel and have set myself a target of doing at least one piece of work for each of them by the time of the tenancy decision at the end of next September. Of course, this is top secret and specifically designed to steal a march on the other pupils.

Speaking of whom, today, let me introduce you to pupil number 3 who we shall describe as BusyBody. Boy oh boy is she that. Wants to know everyone’s business and more. Wants to interfere, boss and generally organise everyone on the planet. It’s exhausting just watching her so I can’t imagine what it must be like to be whizzing around inside her head. Needless to say she’s been on every student committee and organising body you can imagine and was renowned even before arriving at Bar School. A human whirlwind, unable to sit still. Oh, and an over-achiever on all fronts which makes it even more unbearable. She’s the other one with the Cambridge first. In fact same college as TopFirst, just the year below. Didn’t have time for a masters. Life is short, particularly when you’re BusyBody.

First impressions. On balance, I’m against.

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