Day 42 (week 9): Wigs and gowns

Today the Boss and I went off to the High Court to get the stamp of approval on a consent order following a settlement. Given that it was a final hearing, we both had to put on the wig and gown which, for me, was the first time that I had done this in court. I have to admit some to some degree of satisfaction as I straightened the wig and checked it all in the mirror. However, I couldn’t help reflecting how absurd the whole thing was. It simply acted as a symbol of how completely out of touch much of the legal world and in particular the Bar was with modern society. They may have been the height of fashion in Charles II’s time. They may also have helped keep the nits and other bugs away in the nineteenth century. But these days they only perpetuated an image of the Bar as being left in the past.

Still, for today I liked it.

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