Day 65 (week 14): Mold

Today I had what might be classed as a thankless task. I was sent to visit a solicitors’ firm in Mold on behalf of the Boss in order to go makes notes on various documents and to decide what needed copying for him. Now that might sound harmless enough were it not for the fact that Mold is in North Wales and the only way of getting there was London is by a very complicated train route that meant that I was up well before the crack of dawn and arrived home around 11pm.

This was made even worse by the grottiness of the town. Now, it was a long while back that I learnt the word onomatopoeia where the word sounds like its meaning. ‘Splash’ would be a good example. Mold is another example. Though I have never been there, I imagine Grimsby comes into the same category. Brief respite only came from the town’s wit who had scrawled on a number of signs the letter ‘y’ after each mention of Mold. Hence, ‘Moldy Industrial Estate’, ‘Moldy Social Club’ etc.

The only consolation was the friendliness of the locals. Almost as if they were overcompensating for the otherwise inhospitable surroundings. However, it mitigated only slightly what was otherwise a miserable today. Particularly as I had to pick up the tab for the train fare.

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