Day 70 (week 15): Steps of High Court

Old Ruin was in this morning. All dressed up in his best tweed suit. Hair unusually combed down and almost looking coy. Like a schoolboy who had prematurely aged fifty years. It seems that it would have been his wedding anniversary today. He was married in Temple Church and he proposed exactly a year earlier on bended knee on the steps of the High Court. Some thirty-five years later, his wife contracted cancer. When she was told that it was terminal, she told him that wherever she was taken in the afterlife (something in which they both believed), she would always ensure that at midday on their wedding anniversary she would be sitting on the steps of the High Court in exactly the same place that the two of them had sat after their engagement. Therefore just in case she was not able to track where he was, they could always ensure they would be together on that particular day.

It was 11am and OldRuin was ready for his love.

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