Day 71 (week 15): The set-up

A fact that I had found out from BusyBody during the Christmas break was that she had no access to her emails at home and therefore most evenings after work she spent twenty minutes in a nearby internet café doing her personal emails (something which is disapproved of by Chambers on their time). It’s a pretty big place and although a slightly risky strategy, I got changed after work into a so-called ‘hoody’ and jeans and went off there. Sure enough, BusyBody was beavering away in the corner.

I duly uploaded the recording of the Head of Chambers onto YouTube. I did not state what it was and am confident that no-one would stumble on it accidentally as there are no search words to bring it up (so there is no point looking). I then set up a fake hotmail account and emailed the Head of Chambers the link putting various cats among various pigeons.

If any of it ever gets traced back to this internet café, the video footage should show very clearly that the only person related to Chambers who was in here was BusyBody. My hood kept me well and truly anonymous.

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