Day 73 (week 16): Worrier confesses

Went for coffee with Worrier this morning. She told me that the Head of Chambers had come to see her on Friday and accused her of taping the conversation he had with her. She of course broke down immediately and told him everything. Given that there is nothing more sincere than Worrier under pressure (she’ll be a dreadful barrister) it must have been clear to the Head of Chambers that she was also telling the truth when she denied putting the recording on YouTube. The inevitable question after that was who had had access to the tape? The only person as far as Worrier knew was BusyBody, to whom she had lent the tape last Monday.

With forty years of seeking justice and defending the rights of the innocent, the Head of Chambers put two and two together and came up with BusyBody as the only possible culprit. After all, it couldn’t possibly be any of the tenants. They were as good as family. And if BusyBody was the only one of the pupils with access, then it was obviously her. This was particularly so given their little incident in Chambers tea a while back.

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