Day 77 (week 16): Bombshell

Today the Boss received a bombshell in the form of a letter from the Senior Partner of the firm of solicitors involved in the case of the accident on a ship in which limitation was missed. It stated that examination of Chambers’ hard disc by an expert showed that an amendment was made to the records at 7am on 4 November 2006. Specifically, an entry was added stating that the papers in the case had been sent back in July along with an advice and a fee note. This was contrary to the Boss’ account and suggested that the Boss had fraudulently doctored the records in order to avoid involvement in any professional negligence action. The letter stated that for these reasons the firm had no option but to make a formal complaint to the Bar Standards Board. Furthermore, if there was an action for professional negligence, the solicitors would be blaming the Boss and he was therefore advised to report this to his professional insurance body, the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund.

It might be said that things are not looking good for the Boss.

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Alistair Kelman said...


I wrote about this kind of evidence falsification some years ago in my Sweet and Maxwell book "Electronic Commerce: Law and Practice". Your Head of Chambers is probably looking at spending some years inside!!

BTW on a personal note, please send me your CV by private mail. I may have something for you.