Day 80 (week 17): Multiple problems

The Boss came in today. Seems that I am the only one at this stage in whom he feels he can confide. Over lunch he told me that the reason his wife has asked for a divorce is because he has been having an affair with one of his solicitors who gives him quite a large proportion of his work. It’s got back to Chambers via her firm and it will only exacerbate his difficulties in the meeting on Monday. Undoubtedly the issue of conflict of interest will be raised. It seems that for many reasons the Boss was already unpopular with a large number of Chambers even before his present difficulties and he is not confident of being allowed to stay on.

His only hope lies in the Chambers constitution. In common with many Chambers, it is based upon the old-fashioned premise that once you’re in, you’re there for life unless you do something really, really bad. Of course this is never defined but in reality means that over 75% of Chambers has to vote in favour of suspension. Given that there are a number of members of Chambers who will not be in attendance, the reality is that there will need to be an almost unanimous vote in favour of allowing him to stay.

OldRuin has discreetly indicated that he is shooting all week and therefore unfortunately will be unable to attend.

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