Day 85 (week 18): An honourable profession

Dear old-fashioned, well-mannered, loveable OldRuin. Who couldn’t like him? He’s seen scandals come and go but has himself spent most of his life playing by the rules. Rules which are as much a part of him as the wove of his tweed. Yet he’s not the self-righteous sort and has a genuine sympathy for those that put themselves into difficulty, no matter how stupid they may have been. That is how he feels towards the Boss. Not quite the prodigal Son but even so, a wayward child in one form or another. So it all became clear when he took me out for lunch at Simpson’s on the Strand today. He counselled me that I must not take these difficulties to heart and that it was a great and honourable profession which I was entering. There would always be bad eggs but in his experience they generally came a cropper of their own making. Furthermore, they were far out-numbered by the honest, decent chaps (and chapesses, he added for good measure) who rarely came to anyone’s attention.

If he was my pupilmaster things may well have been different on all fronts.

But he isn’t.

And they’re not.

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