Day 11 (week 3): OldRuin

The Boss was back with a vengeance today. He’s got kids aged 5 and 3 and is already stumping up thousands in school fees. On top of that according to a comment I picked up from the Head Clerk on Friday, he has a wife with expensive taste. “He won’t be able to afford not to be back in on Monday with the Christmas holiday his wife is demanding.” However, despite his three days off, he looked a little ragged when he strolled in this morning. Some comment mid-morning about the kids keeping him up. Not my place to ask so I just kept my head down.

Met the Boss’ room-mate for the first time today. He’s about sixty-five and has been practising for over forty years. Although in his time he was pretty successful, he apparently fell into the trap of many barristers, particularly of his generation and spent what he earned and now can’t afford to retire. This means that he’s left between the rock a the hard place. He’s not working hard enough to get the juicy briefs which pay the decent cash and so he has to work pretty hard to bring in anything at all from the scraps which are now passed on from the likes of the Boss. Apparently he was the Boss’ pupilmaster. Anyway, all in all a very charming man. He was in his “country clothes” as he said today. “Just arrived in on the 8.15am to Waterloo.” Lives somewhere down in Hampshire and has the air himself of a dilapidated country pile, gently harking back to better times but too modest to mention them. In fact, we shall call him OldRuin from now on.

What I liked about him most of all was that he was the very first person in Chambers to offer to make me coffee.

I of course declined.

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