Day 12 (week 3): Paranoia

I have worked out that today I have done around £4,000 worth of work for the Boss. He was sent a whole load of cases in which he was asked to draft proceedings. Each one was a car case and except for the dates and precise amounts, they were almost identical. 18 months worth of whiplash injury (apparently that’s around £3,500), around £10,000 for hiring a replacement car and £5,000 damage to the car. He has a precedent for this sort of thing which he made a bog deal of showing me. Like somehow this was the magic which he added to the case. Hardly. I do understand why he was concerned to try and justify some input though as once I’d got through the 20 sets of papers (£200 a shot), he didn’t even check them. Straight out with the DX back to the solicitors.

In the meantime, the Boss had important business to be getting on with. One of the few solicitors who provides him with any decent work was in town today and expected the works. Lunch was therefore taken at 11.30am and the Boss wasn’t seen again until 5pm. Not surprising that he didn’t check the work really given the state he was in by that time. Made some snide remark about no amount of work he does is enough to please his wife and left. District Line to Parsons Green.

It seems to me that for all their supposed independence, most barristers live in a state of complete paranoia and spend so much time kowtowing to solicitors who deign to give them favour that their independence is worth even less than their pride.

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