Day 17 (week 4): Bluffing

BusyBody is really starting to get on my nerves. I have taken to offering my services to at least one new member of Chambers each day for an extra set of papers but for the last two days in a row, they have mentioned in passing that BusyBody had already offered but that they’d bear it in mind in future. Maybe she spammed all of Chambers with the offer. Maybe she’s been round each individually. Whatever it is, I hope she’s annoying those members of Chambers as much as she is me. I asked her whether she was busy at lunchtime. She replied that her pupilmaster was working her pretty hard. It did feel better hearing a straightforward lie, though. Something quite up front and almost honest in that approach. No attempt to try and muddy the waters and spin her activities in advance. Just straightforward denial. Anyway, we can both play at that game so I told her my pupilmaster was not giving me enough work and so I’d asked the Clerks if they could allocate extra.

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