Day 19 (week 4): Criminal case

Looks like I will get to see my first criminal case next week. The Boss appears to be the king of the returned brief at the moment and a privately paying road traffic prosecution just came through the doors. Causing death by dangerous driving. Essex businessman driving a Porsche gunning down Marylebone Road at seven in the morning. Knocks over a middle-aged man who obviously didn’t see him coming. Seems like a pretty good defence as the client was driving west with the sun behind him. The man crossing the road was obviously dazzled and was crossing some ten feet before the crossing. The main reason for the prosecution it seems is that there were skid marks on the road and although there is no proof, there is a suggestion that the client was speeding. In fact, it may well boil down to how well the two reconstruction experts perform on the day. Will be good to see the Boss finally fight a case.

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