Day 20 (week 4): Information is power

Overheard TopFirst’s pupilmaster talking about him to another member of Chambers today. I was just about to enter their room when I heard them talking. Couldn’t help but listen. "Got him to look up a point on restitution the other day. Still don’t understand it myself but he came up with the answer. Got the prize for it in Cambridge apparently. Not that there’s exactly much call for that sort of thing around here." Then came the interesting bit. "You know his dad was a barrister for a few years." "Yes, I did hear something about that." "Caught with his pants down with a judge’s wife, apparently. No-one would instruct him after that. Knew that judges were always going to be finding against him." "Yes, heard something like that, too. Requalified as a solicitor or something, didn’t he?" At that point I heard one of the clerks coming down the corridor and had to make myself scarce.

All information is power.

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