Day 23 (week 5): No sign

By lunchtime yesterday, things did not look good. At all. The first dilemma was who to tell and when. The Boss was incommunicado. Did I call him at home. Would he actually be at home. I figured that knowing the Boss as I already did, there was at least a small chance that he was not at home. Did I phone his mobile and interrupt whatever he was doing? Or did I eventually just ask the Clerks, or even OldRuin who was in today.

I went for a walk around the garden in Gray’s Inn and took a few deep breaths. Maybe this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. Maybe I could help the Boss. One thing of which I was certain. I needed to give him a discreet head’s up without alerting anyone else.

I therefore left a message on his mobile yesterday afternoon. And yesterday evening.

And this morning.

But there has been no sign of him all day.

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