Day 27 (week 6): Sorted

Today the Boss has been dealing with the fallout from his plan. Well, to put it more accurately, dealing with the lack of fallout. As planned, he amended the entries on the system. Couldn’t have been easier apparently. It wasn’t designed to protect against corrupt barristers and so it was very easy to amend the records without any trace. The junior clerk then made the call yesterday. This morning, his call was returned from the solicitors and they were then put through to the Boss. I sat in during the call and heard the Boss’ side.
“I was just wondering how the case was getting on.”
“Oh. Didn’t you get my advice?”
“Oh. That’s strange. It was sent back in July. I can dig out a copy for you and fax it over after this call.”
“No. Not at all. It would be my pleasure. Very strange. Must have been a problem with the post.”
“Oh, by the way, I assume you’ve issued by now?”
“What? Oh, no. Oh, no. Did you not realise that limitation for cases involving ships is two years. I did mention it in my advice but to be honest, I thought you’d know that anyway.”
“Hmm. I don’t know what you can do at this stage. It’s pretty serious. I’d certainly suggest that you report this to your professional indemnity insurers and seek their guidance before doing anything further.”
“No, no. I’m sure it must have been the postage. I wouldn’t want you to start blaming your internal post.”
“Oh. It’s my pleasure. If I can help you further with this, please just ask.”

How worryingly easy it was. Makes you wonder.

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