Day 30 (week 6): Real barrister

Went off to court with a real barrister today. Not one like the Boss but one who actually enjoys having a fight. Who listens to his client and even has the odd professional standard up his sleeve. Straightforward personal injury trial in Wandsworth County Court. My barrister’s client tripped on a broken paving stone. Sued the council for not having mended it. It all turned on whether the council had done enough checks. The barrister on the other side made an offer at the start of the day and despite the fact my barrister was on no-win, no-fee and the offer wasn;t even that bad, he advised his client to reject the offer and to fight. He did and they eventually won. I was all up for celebrating but my barrister was professional to the end and simply went straight back to Chambers and started preparing his case for the next day.

In the meantime, the Boss set me a Skeleton Argument to do over the weekend. Trial on Monday and it should have been done by last Tuesday. True to form, he only looked at the papers this afternoon and given that he’s playing golf tomorrow there’s no chance of him getting into the case until Sunday. I therefore have to email over the Skeleton and any notes by Sunday morning at the latest.

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