Day 5 (week1): Library life

Found my first Pupil Skive today. Pretty obvious really. Time in the library. “Researching a point”. Found a whole collection of pupils wandering around the library, gossiping and looking like they’d just been let out of jail. What would you give as the collective noun for such a gathering? A giggle? Certainly for some of them. They really are an earnest bunch as a whole. Not a little self-important too. Breathlessly talking about the merits of their respective pupilmasters, the cases that they’re on. Perrrlease. Give up on it won’t you. It’s a job and a pretty menial job at that. Perhaps that’s why they treat it so seriously since if they didn’t they’d realise quite how they’re being exploited. After one week, it seems clear to me that for less than the price of a junior coffee-maker in the local café (not even Starbucks), Chambers gets itself a bunch of dogsbodies who will do all the inconvenient bits of paperwork, not complain at having to spend two hours poring over a photocopier and will offer to make coffee or tea on an hourly basis. Not only that, but come Spring, they have a ready source of cheap labour to keep the solicitors happy with all those small claims hearings which the whole profession seems to treat as loss leaders, ways of bringing in the bigger work.

In the meantime, my contemporaries who went off to City solicitors are dealing with multi-million pound deals and flying off delivering papers to the Middle East whilst those in the City are swanning off on training courses in places like Geneva.

For me, I am to meet the most junior tenant at Slough Count Court at 10am on Molnday morning. Of, the glamour of the Bar.

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