Day 87 (week 18): Embarrassment

Less than two months to go until I get on my feet in court and I have to admit that I’m starting to feel a little nervous. In order to try and get an edge on the other pupils, I’ve hired a public speaking coach. It’s only £25 an hour over the telephone and I’ve had four so far. He basically gets me to recite Shakespeare and other poems and then makes me do breathing exercises during the day.

All very well in itself. But it backfired today when I was caught by the barrister I was following around at court doing one of these exercises. Thought there was no-one around in the robing room and so started reciting one of the more soppy of the Sonnets interspersed with deep breathing (ie moaning) in between each line. You can imagine my horror when the barrister emerged from the loo next door with a smirk that told me he had over-heard it all.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you need this extra training? Dont you feel already that you are a "natural" speaker? If not - why did you go into the Bar in the first place?

I have seen barristers on their feet in COURT and they so lacked the rudimentary skills of public speaking that I questioned why at the very start they though they could have been barrister material.

Surely - if you are now at this stage needing training on public speaking - what on earth made you go into the Bar in the first place?

Plain wierd.