Day 90 (week 19): GoodThing

One of the QCs in Chambers came to see me today. I’ll call him GoodThing due to the fact that I have never seen him be downright nasty to anyone. He pretended randomly to be just passing but it was clear he can come for a small chat. The first thing he told me after the small talk was not to worry if the Boss was sending out all of my work without even checking it. It was the Boss’ responsibility and would reflect only on him if anything went wrong.

He then went on to mention in the most roundabout way that everyone was aware that the Boss had a reputation for settling his cases and that I was not to assume that that was normal.
“We’re paid to fight cases and never forget that. Yes, sometimes cases may settle but remember, the solicitors will already have given it a pretty good go even before it gets anywhere near court. So, unless something changes, you get yourself right in there and fight.”

My guess is that there has been concern as to the influence which the Boss may have been having on my training and development.

They would be right to be worried.

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