Day 91 (week 19): Contingency plans

I am starting to wonder what the Boss is taking. He´s certainly been through the mill and he was hardly stable even when I started pupillage. However, his behaviour is becoming more erratic by the day. Today he burst into the room around 11.30am and started walking around in a circle saying to himself,
“Who needs it anyway. I´ll go and live on a desert island and become a writer. I´ll act as a consultant to solicitors. I´ll..”

He hesitated and stared at me during his pause.“You know, he continued. We start off in this job with so much potential. The world is our oyster and with the skills we needed to get here we could have done anything we chosen. We then spend years taking ourselves further and further away from the mainstream until we are so specialised that if we were to jump ship there is not even a life-raft nearby. We are good only for being barristers. Otherwise it´s straight back down to the bottom of the pile aged forty-six.”

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