Day 94 (week 20): Harlow County Court

So far in pupillage I’ve been to some pretty grotty places. Willesden and Mold I have mentioned. Bow County Court in Stratford is also pretty bad. However, today I visited the worst so far: Harlow in Essex. Usually a town has a heart. A beat to which even the violence steadily pulses. A character all of its own. Not so Harlow. It is town without a heart. A flatliner. A town where any life which enters risks having its soul sucked dry before it can escape. A badlands without redemption. A no-town.

Today, I visited its court. I hope never to see that place again.


Rachel said...

Bow County Court rocks. Don't knock it.

Anonymous said...

Well its charm must have somehow escaped me. Soul destroying place. Not as bad as Edmonton though- that is the pits.