Day 95 (week 20): St. Valentine´s Day massacre

The spirit of Valentines Day doesn`t seem to have reached its way as far as Chambers. In fact, it`s been more like the St. Valentine`s Day massacre round here what with the Boss` obvious difficulties and then there´s BusyBody who I really think is not very well. She´s been moping around and only getting as far as a mumble in terms of chat. She had mentioned appealing the finding of the Head of Chambers a week or so ago but it seems from what I have been able to work out that she`s taken some advice from a criminal barrister friend of hers and he has told her that unless she can come up with any evidence to rebut the conclusion that the YouTube incident was her, then there`s just no point. Circumstantially the evidence points only one way.

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The Boomerang said...

Here's how I would rebut this.

The emails that Busybody sent on the day that the Youtube recording was uploaded will confirm that between such and such a time she was logged on to one specific computer in the cafe. You, BabyB, will have logged on at a different time and at a different computer than BusyBody.

You should be very very glad that you didn't pull this fast one on me, sweetthing.

However, Worrier was very stupid not to know that you can't record someone in the UK without their permission. How many years of law school?