Day 117 (week 24): HoneyTrap

Having sent over the first little bomb to TopFirst earlier in the week, I decided this evening that it was perhaps the right time to throw over a second. Let me put this in as nice a way as I can. TopFirst is a very clever and sometimes even witty individual (in a catty kind of way). However, his academic abilities are not reflected in his dealings with the fairer sex. First, despite the fact he’s engaged, he always seems to be off flirting with someone else, albeit unsuccessfully. Worse, though, are his fisherman-like tales about the ones that got away. The intellectual arrogance passes over into other spheres, it’s just the results don’t follow. So. It was time for me to set up a new email account for a new imaginary friend. Miss Virginia Haddocks-Brown who chooses to go by the address ginnyandtonic@yahoo.co.uk. Of course she does. With this done, I then sent the following email:

From: ginnyandtonic@yahoo.co.uk
To: TopFirst
Date: 16 March 2007, 8.43pm

Dear TopFirst,

I am the daughter of a close friend of OldRuin, one of your colleagues in chambers. My father, Charles Haddocks-Brown, was at Oxford with him. I thought I would drop you a line after I heard mention of you in conversation the other day when OldRuin was round for dinner. Basically, I am just coming to the end of my final year at university and I am trying to decide whether to change to law at the end of my degree. I know it might seem a bit presumptuous of me to write out of the blue but the way OldRuin described you I felt sure that you wouldn’t mind. I do hope that I am right. Please don’t tell OldRuin, though, as I havn’t yet broken it to my parents that I’m thinking of giving up my dream of being an actress. I know that most parents would heartily approve of a career in law, but not mine.

Anyway, sorry to go on. I was wondering if you might possibly be able to spare me some time in the future to talk to me about your life at the Bar and to give some advice as to where I might go from here? I’m very occasionally down in London as I do a little bit of part-time modelling just to make ends meet. Extremely boring but better than taking out a student loan, I guess. I can imagine how terribly busy you are with your cases and all but it really would be a help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Ginny Haddocks-Brown

The bait is in place and the line now fully cast.

Let’s see if he bites.


Anonymous said...

this is getting better each day and i've liked it from the start

Anonymous said...


manchester barrister said...

nice one babyb. sneaky but i like it

jm said...

go get him babyb!

Anonymous said...

this is going to turn into quite a fight

Anonymous said...

So sneaky BB !
I love it !
I'm watching & learning !

Mr Pineapples said...

Keep up the good work

Mr Pineapples said...

Cant help feeling that the email message is a little bit too obvious.

Anonymous said...

i'm know i wouldn't suspect if i got that email. there again, having read what babyb gets up to i will certainly be more suspicious in the future. nice blog by the way

Anonymous said...

top first is so arrogant he will definitely bite

fanofBabyBarista said...

I think an e mail message is just the thing... it's the way any young student would contact someone... I know I've contacted people for advice over e mail and it seems the perfect 'honey trap' to me. Just love that e mail address - I may get fanofBabyBarista@ before it gets taken!

AS said...

Brilliant writing, I'm totally hooked. My own experience with the legal profession as a client is confirmed by all that I have read!