Day 120 (week 25): Hiring a professional

Here is my rather breathless reply to TopFirst’s email on Monday:

From: ginnyandtonic@yahoo.co.uk
To: TopFirst
Date: 19 March 2007, 3.28pm

Dear TopFirst,

I’m so grateful and pleased that you found the time to reply to my impertinent request. You asked me what university I attend. I am at Hatfield College in Durham. Mummy didn’t want me going to Oxford even though I had an offer. You might say my parents are somewhat alternative generally. Hippies who never really grew up I guess after Oxford in the sixties. As for my subject, I am studying English literature. I have to admit that I got a Third in my first year due mainly I think to just a teeny weeny bit too much partying as well travelling down to see my (now ex-) boyfriend in Cambridge. However, I pulled it back last year to my own surprise when I got a First. Where did you go to University? What do you think of being a barrister? Sounds very grown up and all. Do you have to go off to court and represent murderers?

Best wishes,


Should press of few of TopFirst's buttons...which is a little wierd to say the least. But hey, it doesn't count if it's anonymous...right? Anyway, it might also start eliciting more information about his dad who I already know has a complicated background having been forced from the Bar after being caught with no less than a judge's wife. In the scale of barrister sins, this is pretty much near the top and would leave the culprit in a hopeless position with any judge in the land. The quality of mercy, you can be assured, would not quite be droppething as the gentle rain from heaven.

I also need to start thinking about how I’m going to get someone to play Ginny on her visit. It strikes me that it might be worth every penny to hire a professional. There could be so much scope for trouble if he falls for someone who turns out to be a prostitute, particularly if this became public knowledge. The real difficulty will be affording it. I will have to approach my bank for an extension to my professional studies loan.

I’m sure they’ll understand if I explain that it will help me in getting a tenancy.


at said...

He's a smooth operator (sometimes).

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, so not going to happen. You should post your bloggs earlier on in the evening.

hp said...

Hire a professional.... now this is pure war between them. It's a great idea, but as a pupil it's making me pretty suspicous of everyone around me!!! hp... and I hope you're not in my chambers.

Anonymous said...

You really are such a bastard! :-)

david giacalone said...

Hello, BabyB. Your misspelling of the word "weird" today reminded me that I have been wanting to "Weird Tag" you. Weird Tagging is a way to find out more about the people writing a weblog. As one taggee explained here, once tagged (as you have now been), you must write a post telling your readers five true things about yourself that you (or they) consider weird. Then, you tag five other weblog proprietors to keep the project rolling. Of course, I wasn't able to tag you when I was tagged last year, because you had not yet launched little little cyber coffee klatsch.

For an example of a rather prolix Weird Tag posting, check out Prof. Yabut's admissions.

p.s. Hope you aren't miffed that I pointed out your misspelling of weird. As Prof. Yabut says in his Weird Tag post: "Have you noticed how many otherwise smart and well-educated people misspell “weird”? There are over 5 million Google results for incorrect form “wierd.” They appear to be applying the “I Before E Except After C” Rule, without attending to its many corollaries and exceptions. Most of the offenders seem to be 20-something males -- those young fellows who can only memorize the information needed to win at computer games. Don’t get me started."

Anonymous said...

Careful, BabyB...hiring a "professional" could be traced back to you. Not sure TopFirst could be so gullible. Hunted could be the Hunter...

Anonymous said...

You are not real. I am guessing you are a bored middle-aged barrister eking out your middle years with a tale of rollocking-good fiction. Or an ex-barrister?..that's the feeling I'm getting here...