Day 127 (week 26): My identity

It’s actually Saturday 31st March today and I am finally putting up my posts for Wednesday to Friday. Been a dreadful few days. As well as the stuff that you can read above I’ve had the scare of my life over this blog. Someone emailed me suggesting that they knew who I was on Wednesday. I panicked and considered taking the whole thing down. When I’d calmed down I went through the details I’ve given about myself and still believe that there is insufficient here to identify me. So I called their bluff by replying, “Name me, then.” To which I have had no reply.

As I’ve said before, please don’t waste your time trying to guess.

In the meantime, I’ve returned to the Boss and agreed to investigate the firm of solicitors. For now, let’s call them FakeClaims&Co. However, I’ve decided that there may be an opportunity for assistance in funding my Ginny project against TopFirst. I therefore asked TheBoss how much he was going to pay me.
“£3,000 to start investigating and £3,000 for any evidence which will implicate them.” He replied.

Should be enough to be getting on with.


BabyBFan said...

Awwwwwwww BabyB don't be getting the heebie jeebies now. Its Saturday, go have a drink tonight, relax and do what you do best ..... plot m'dear, plot!

Anonymous said...

I also think I know who you are. Are you initials ML?

BabyBarista said...

Thank you BabyB fan. A drink or two tonight will definitely be the order of the day. More than being found out, I'm actually really worried about this hooligan I have to represent on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your case on Monday!

Anonymous said...

there's a busybody and an uptights in our office but we don't do law so it can't be here :-) oh and an oldsmoothie as well