Barry McGuigan MBE praises 'BabyBarista and the Art of War'

"BabyBarista provides an entertaining and highly amusing insight into the mysterious world of wigs and gowns. Right from the start the gloves are off and the fight for tenancy is no less dramatic than a top class boxing match. It's a terrific read which makes you both laugh and keep the pages turning. It also confirms what I've always suspected - that the courtroom is not so different from the boxing ring." Barry McGuigan MBE, former World featherweight Boxing Champion. To pre-order the book at a heavily discounted £7.19 (incl p&p), click here.


Author Boris Starling on BabyBarista

"If you thought This Life, North Square or Sydney Carton gave barristers a bad name, you ain't seen nothing yet. Baby Barista is a worm's-eye view of the profession, and the angle is far from flattering. It is also sharp, acerbic, and almost illegally funny. There's the usual disclaimer about it being a work of fiction, but if you believe that, you should be a juror." Boris Starling, author of Messiah, Storm, Vodka and Visibility. To pre-order a copy of 'BabyBarista and the Art of War' from amazon, click here.