Review of BabyBarista at leading U.S.Book Review website Rebecca's Reads

Review of BabyBarista and the Art of War at leading U.S.Book Review website Rebecca's Reads by Narayan Radhakrishnan. You can either read it below or click here.

A couple of weeks back while reviewing David Rosenfelt’s “New Tricks” for this website, I had wistfully remarked on whether lawyers take themselves too seriously. Have we lost our sense of humour? Each other lawyer novel we take is a legal thriller and I was sad that humorous legal prose was on its way out. The heydays of A.P. Herbert and John Mortimer’s Rumpole series seemed to be a thing of past. Most lawyers seemed to follows the John Grisham school of thought rather than the John Mortimer school. It was, while I was in this pensive mood, that I got my hands on “Baby Barista and the Art of War” by Tim Kevan - a hilariously funny novel about what really, really happens behind the walls of various law firms across the world.
This novel had initially started of as anonymous blog. Its immense popularity caught the attention of The Times Newspaper and slowly the same developed into a novel. BabyBarista is a newly enrolled English Barrister. It’s his first day in chambers, and the majesty of law, lawyers and justice is too much for BabyBarista. But BabyBarista finds a different world in the chambers, a world different from what he had thought. The pompous judges, the ruthless ambition, snide tricks, underhand dealings all are part of the regular lawyer game. The first year is crucial for BabyBarista. It can make him or break him. The race is on for the seat of permanent tenancy in the Chambers. And in the fray are three others who go by the names TopFirst, Busybody and Worrier. One of them alone will get the coveted seat. As well, BabyBarista uses all the tricks up his sleeve to get that post. What follows is simply hilarious, a tale of ambition and greed, all narrated in a humorous vein that is well mildly put- British Humour at its Pristine Best.
Highly, highly recommended.
Tim Kevan
Bloomsbury Group (2009)
ISBN 9780747594642
Reviewed by Narayan Radhakrishnan for Rebecca's Reads (7/09)

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