Sponsored Guest Post: RTA compensation claim lawyers amongst most accident-prone drivers?

Surely legal professionals are as safe a group of road users as you are likely to find? Well not according to a study from ‘across the pond’. In the United States it seems that dealing with accident claims for their clients’ road traffic accidents has not had a positive impact upon lawyers’ driving skills. In fact US lawyers were found to have one of the highest accident rates according to new statistics.

An insurance company in the US has recently released a report looking into the accident rates of 39 different professions and the results were surprising. Of the professional groups listed, doctors and lawyers were the first and second most likely to be involved in either a road traffic accident or to commit a minor motoring offence such as breaking the speed limit.

Average accident rates per 1,000 people in each group were calculated in the study and the results were quite shocking. For every 1,000 doctors and lawyers, there were 109 and 106 road accidents each year respectively. The figures for speeding tickets for these groups were also above average, with 4.4% of doctors and 3.7% of lawyers being caught driving at excessive speeds each year on US roads. In comparison, firefighters and pilots were amongst the safest professions, with respective rates of 67 and 75 accidents per 1,000 people per year.

The company which released the research has suggested that the longer hours worked by lawyers and doctors means that when it comes to driving to or from home, it is likely to be dark, and they are likely to be more tired than professionals in other industries. Whilst there are obviously differences in both the cars driven and the rules of the road, it would be interesting to see if members of the UK legal profession dealing with compensation claims have a similarly poor record when it comes to safe driving.

Author: Neil Worrall

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