Sponsored blog post: “Now is the Spring of our discontent”

More stress and strain has been flowing through the halls of Westminster than usual, especially with the new RTA claims process for accident claims. The RTA process has begun to turn into another embarrassing PR disaster for the government - only months before the next election.

Like most of the Government’s database projects, the concept was sound enough; provide a secure website for accident claim solicitors and motor insurers to communicate efficiently to deal with road traffic accident claims. This would save money for the insurers and time for the accident victims.

However, problems arose when it was realised that the website developers were having trouble getting it to work. Rumour has it that early on in the testing process only four claims were entered into a system designed to handle thousands, causing the whole system to crash.

Early mumblings have begun and it looks as though the Government could have trouble on their hands. Both Insurers and solicitors are united in agreeing that the new RTA process is poorly thought out and has insufficient time for it to be introduced smoothly.

The publicity generated if and when the new system fails could not happen at a worse time, as the government and the tax payer will be reminded of the costly errors caused with their previous computer systems – NHS database, ID Cards and the Tax Credits system.

Taken from ‘De Facto’ – The Legal Blog from David Phillips & Partners