Sponsored blog post: Claiming compensation after a cycling accident

Falling off your bike. It’s the one thing that is almost guaranteed to happen to all cyclists at some point in their lives. Most people remember coming off their bike when they were young, hopefully escaping with no more than scraped knees and a few bruises. But what happens when another road user causes you to come off your bike. Well the results can be a lot more serious.

Every year in the UK thousands of cyclists are involved in collisions with other vehicles using the road. In most of these accidents, both parties escape with only minor injuries, but if the collision is severe, it is almost always the cyclist who will come off worst. The lack of protection on a bicycle, even if the rider is wearing a helmet, means that the chance of severe injuries is much greater than it would be for other road users.

Compensation for cycling accidents

If the worst happens and you are knocked off your bike and injured, obviously the most important thing will be that you recover from your injuries. However, when you are on the mend, your thoughts might turn to sorting out your bike, and getting some cycling accident compensation for your injuries and any time you have had to take off work. This is where a service like My Cycling Claim, brought to you by Camps Solicitors, could really help.

This service is specially designed to help out cyclists who might otherwise be left out of pocket after an accident which wasn’t their fault, and it goes far beyond making a compensation claim against the motorist responsible for the accident. The My Cycling Claim team will also be able to sort out repairs to your bike, if necessary recovering it from the scene of the accident, or from your home and giving it a thorough engineer’s inspection to see if it can be repaired.

Repairing the bike is great you might think, but what will I do until it is returned. Well, if you are up to cycling, we can get you sorted with an interim replacement hire bike so you can get back on the road as quickly as you want. If that wasn’t enough, My Cycling Claim will also organise a comprehensive course of physiotherapy, just in case those injuries are still giving you trouble.

To find out more about how My Cycling Claim is helping cyclists just like you to make a cycling accident claim and get on with their lives after an accident where they were not to blame, call our help line now on 0800 158 2188.

Author: Neil Worrall

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