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Thanks to Paul Bradshaw for allowing me to do a guest post at the Online Journalism Blog entitled 'Why I escaped The Times' paywall'.


Sponsored guest post: Rehabilitation after a road traffic accident

Being injured in a road traffic accident can mean anything from some minor soft tissue damage or a whiplash injury, to a serious life-changing injury that may leave you unable to care for yourself.  In many cases, the injuries suffered will be somewhere between these two extremes, possibly with a lengthy recovery period, which may extend to many months or even years after the accident.  In a situation like this, many accident victims find they benefit from rehabilitation therapy, designed shorten the recovery period, facilitate a more complete recovery and enable them to get back into their daily routine more quickly than they might otherwise have been able to.

It almost goes without saying, but the length of time you are likely to spend recovering from an injury can vary greatly depending on the type of injury, its location and its severity.  Whilst a simple fracture with no complications might heal within 2 months, a more complex broken bone injury may require extensive surgery to set the bones and rehabilitation therapy to enable a full range of movement once the injury has healed.  Different injuries may also benefit from different approaches to rehabilitation; soft tissue injuries, for example might be treated with massage therapy, whereas helping someone to walk again after a serious accident might need treatment focussing on strength and balance to allow them to walk unaided.

Deciding which form of rehabilitation therapy is most appropriate requires an assessment of your injuries by an independent medical expert, which can be arranged as part of any personal injury claim.  It may be that an injury requires a package of different treatments to improve the recovery time and to increase the chance that a complete recovery will be made.

Specialist post accident recovery services as part of your compensation claim

As part of any car accident compensation claim you make, Camps Solicitors can arrange for you to receive the post accident rehabilitation you need to help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible.  Our expert road traffic accident lawyers will look at all the evidence in your claim, including witness statements, photographic evidence, reports from the police and other evidence from the scene to make sure nothing that relates to your claim is missed.  If it is possible to claim the costs of your medical treatment as part of your accident claim, our solicitors will include this as part of your claim so you will not have to pay out for these treatments.

To find out more about Camps Solicitors, and how our service could help you to access rehabilitation therapy after an accident that wasn’t your fault, visit the Camps website or call 0800 092 8586 now to speak with one of our claims advisors.

Author: Neil Worrall


Law and Disorder: coming soon...

Advance copies of Law and Disorder: Confessions of Pupil Barrister have just arrived. This is the mass market edition of BabyBarista and the Art of War which was described by broadcaster Jeremy Vine as "a wonderful, racing read - well-drawn, smartly plotted and laugh out loud" and by The Times as "a cross between The Talented Mr Ripley, Rumpole and Bridget Jones's Diary". It follow's BabyBarista's fight for tenancy during his first year in chambers. It is officially released on 2 August and can be pre-ordered at www.amazon.co.uk.


BabyB hits the front page of The Guardian Online (click to enlarge)

BabyBarista moves to The Guardian!

Well, there I was. One minute I was writing for The Times. Then along came a massive gert paywall and having managed to escape in the nick of time I then found myself headhunted by those kindly souls at The Guardian. I mean, what luck! But not only that. It was as if I was in a Carlsberg advert and The Guardian was probably the best newspaper in the world as they said, 'Come work with us, but don't worry, you can keep your own site. Be our partner friendly blogger.' Hmm, not exactly a difficult choice, particularly when their law section is now in my opinion the very best in the country which is freely available to all. So there you go. Obviously, I'd like to think I was like Tevez as he transferred across from Manchester United to Manchester City but as a humble legal blogger I don't intend to get too big for my little horse hair wig. But hey, in my dreams that's the image I've conjured and you'll just have to allow me that. In the meantime, I'm spouting some more thoughts about the paywall in a separate post and then you'll also hear what OldRuin had to say about it all in chambers tea.

So from now on I'm really delighted to say that I'll be partnering with The Guardian and it's exciting to be the pilot scheme in their new online strategy of partnering with bloggers such as myself. What this means in reality is that the main BabyBarista content will appear both at  www.babybarista.com and as a blog at www.guardian.co.uk/babybarista. Meanwhile this site will keep the first six months of archives for the original blog.