Sponsored guest post: Low velocity road accident compensation claims

To an outside observer, looking at the aftermath of a low velocity collision between two vehicles, it might not look like anyone was injured. After all, in a sizeable proportion of road accidents that happen at velocities of less than 10mph, neither vehicle receives any damage. However, for the passengers, it might be a different story. Just because the outsides of their vehicles show little or no signs of damage, it does not mean that they themselves have escaped unscathed. A whiplash injury is one of the most common injuries people suffer in a low velocity road accident and can happen even in accidents where there doesn’t appear to be any external damage to your vehicle.

The majority of collisions that happen on roads in this country involve low velocities. Shunts and bumps between vehicles in slow moving traffic, or on the approach to roundabouts or other junctions, are far more common than high velocity smashes. At these low velocities, the durability of most modern vehicles means that no repairs are necessary. After all, it would be extremely inconvenient to have to take your car to a garage for repairs every time another motorist bumped into it.

But although a modern vehicle can stand up to a low velocity collision without anything to show for it, the same doesn’t always apply when it comes to the occupants of that vehicle. Whiplash is a type of soft tissue injury caused by the acceleration and deceleration experienced by someone involved in a low velocity road accident. Whiplash injuries are amongst the most common injuries suffered by someone who has been involved in a low velocity collision.

Claiming compensation after suffering a whiplash injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault need not be hard work.

A specialist personal injury solicitor, such as Camps Solicitors, can take care of the claims process for you, whilst you get on with your life. Our road accident claims department will work to recover you the injury compensation you deserve.

Author: Neil Worrall

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