Sponsored blog post: Lord Young would be Wrong to Restrict Personal Injury Advertising & Referral Schemes

David Cameron’s Adviser of Health and Safety Law and Practice, Lord Young has recently reviewed the health and safety laws following on from recent concerns expressed over the rise in the ‘compensation culture’ in Britain; for which Lord Young holds the media largely responsible.

These recommendations have come about as Lord Young takes the view that “businesses now operate their health and safety policies in a climate of fear. The advent of ‘no win, no fee’ claims and the all-persuasive advertising by claims management companies have significantly added to the belief that there is a nationwide compensation culture.”

The report, titled “Common Sense, Common Safety” was published on the 15th of October and in brief contains suggestions such as restricting “the operation of referral agencies and personal injury lawyers and control the volume and type of advertising.”

Michael Jefferies, Managing Partner of First Personal Injury solicitors, says “I think that it is a good that advertising is monitored to stop clients being misled, however this is already strictly controlled by the Advertising Standards Authority. They have been appointed to fulfil this roll and do a good job, so I don’t think the government should interfere.”

Michael Jefferies also puts forward a much more positive argument for personal injury advertising and referral schemes. He believes that as these are both methods of gaining more business for accident claim firms, clients benefit from a firm’s increased expertise and knowledge as a result of the increased business gained.

Jefferies added: “Certainly the ability to advertise and pay referral fees has allowed us to specialise due to increased work volumes, and thereby invest in technology which improves the firm’s expertise and therefore quality of advice to the client.”

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