Sponsored blog post: Traffic light accident compensation

Collisions that occur at crossings or junctions controlled by traffic lights are amongst the most common causes of minor road traffic accidents. According to figures from the Depart for Transport, 97,000 accidents took place near a road junction last year. Many of those involved in an accident at a set of traffic lights will look to make a car accident claim. Being involved in a non-fault accident at a road junction does not have to be an ordeal – choosing an independent solicitor could help you to recover compensation for any injuries you have sustained and any financial losses you have suffered.

Traffic lights are designed to regulate the flows of traffic and pedestrians at busy road junctions and important crossing points. There are many types of traffic light crossing used on roads in the UK. These range from basic zebra crossings, which are little more than markings painted on the road to the more advanced puffin and pelican crossings, controlled by signal lights and fitted with advanced sensors to detect both vehicles and pedestrians near the crossings.

An accident at a set of traffic lights can happen for any one of a number of reasons. If the accident is between two vehicles, then likely causes would be situations where the driver responsible may have driven through the lights when they were on red. This would involve travelling across the junction and into the path of motorists travelling in the opposite direction; or from roads to the left or the right. An alternative may be the result of late braking by a driver who has not noticed that the drivers of the vehicles in front have slowed down or stopped (because the lights have changed), causing this driver to crash into the rear-end of the vehicle in front, in what is known as a rear-end collision accident.

Traffic light accidents can also involve pedestrians. An accident can occur if a pedestrian attempts to cross the road junction when the lights are not in their favour, or if they attempt to cross when their view of oncoming traffic is obscured – for example if there are parked vehicles at the road side near the traffic lights.

Compensation after an accident at traffic lights

Camps Solicitors can help you to make an accident compensation claim after an accident that has taken place at a road junction or a set of traffic lights. We can help you to recover the compensation that could make a real difference to you after your accident; allowing you to get on with your life and your recovery without having to worry about your finances. Whether you were injured as a pedestrian, a motorist or as the passenger in a motor vehicle, Camps are here to help you make a motor accident compensation claim.

Author: Neil Worrall


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