Sponsored blog post: Bridge speed limit debate highlights cycle safety issues

Cycling campaigners in London have been calling on Assembly members and Mayor Boris Johnson to keep a temporary speed limit on one of London’s busiest bridges in place. A 20mph speed limit had been placed on Blackfriars Bridge whilst roadworks were carried out earlier this year. However when the limit was lifted recently, a motion was tabled with the Greater London Authority urging it, and by association the mayor, to reconsider.

The case of Blackfriars Bridge has again highlighted the conflicting opinions amongst users of the capital’s road system. One group in favour of a 20 mph speed limit, the London Cycling Campaign, told the BBC that they had been arguing for the limit to reduce road danger and air pollution in this busy area of central London. They also pointed out that Mayor of London Boris Johnson had previously declared his aspiration to turn London into a cycling city.

When question by reporters about why the 30 mph speed limit had been re-instated on the bridge, a spokesperson from the mayor of London’s office said the safety of cyclists was the mayor’s absolute priority but a 20 mph speed limit would not be of benefit when traffic level on the road were lower outside of the morning and evening rush hours. For cycling safety news and information relating to cycling injury claims, visit My Cycling Claim today.

Author: Neil Worrall

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