Sponsored blog post: Suing a Solicitor for Negligence

The solicitor-client relationship can become strained when things do not turn out as planned. Before taking any action it is important that a client decides if he has a simple misconduct complaint or an actual claim for negligence. Bodies regulating lawyers cannot assist if a client has suffered financial loss due to the poor work of a lawyer. If a client believes that he has a claim for negligence then it is best that he consults an independent lawyer to get advice about how to sue a solicitor.

Normally when a client has suffered financial loss as a direct result of the actions or inaction of his solicitor he can expected to be compensated. However, these claims can be tricky, as they usually involve two or more areas of the law. Negligence involving a long term rental lease for example requires a lawyer with knowledge of lease drafting and a solid litigation background. With solicitors being increasingly specialised these days it is often difficult to find the right person.

Specialist negligence lawyers will typically offer a free initial consultation on suing a solicitor for negligence. You can expect to be told if you have a claim, and how much your claim may be worth. In most cases you will be offered a no win no fee agreement after this consultation.

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