Sponsored blog post: Cosmetic Surgery – Popular but Risky

Recording almost 100,000 customers last year, the UK cosmetic surgery industry has continued to expand rapidly despite adverse economic conditions. Cosmetic surgery now has an aura of respectability which would have been unthinkable for the previous generation.
A successful cosmetic surgery practice can be very profitable. Therefore, many of these businesses lure customers in with special offers such as 'pay nothing now' credit deals. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is not regulated in the UK. These two factors partly explain why an ever increasing number of customers are getting injured or are unhappy with their treatments. A large number of solicitors and claims management companies are now encouraging the public to claim compensation for cosmetic surgery. However, these claims are far from simple and many clients are promised compensation that they have no real prospect of obtaining.
Cosmetic surgery solicitors are increasingly in demand as beauty treatments continue to surge in popularity and regulation of practitioners remains light. However, prospective claimants should not believe all they are promised regarding how much compensation they will obtain especially when their complaint is simply dissatisfaction with their appearance after surgery.

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