Sponsored blog post: Islamic Divorce & How It is Recognised under the UK Law

When it comes to Islamic divorce, there is a particular kind of separation called the Talaq divorce. In this form of divorce, a man breaks association with his wife under Islamic rules. A wife can also get a divorce from her husband, but the husband should accord and in case he does not, then the matter should put through the Islamic courts. Islamic divorce is solely recognized in the United Kingdom under specific situations. If such a divorce is carried out in the UK, then the UK law does not allow for its validity. A Talaq will solely be legitimate in the UK if it is conducted in a country that acknowledges Talaq as a legal means of divorce.

Talaq divorce is generally approved in Pakistan and Bangladesh and consequently, if both husband and wife were customarily resided or domiciled in Pakistan or Bangladesh and this is the place where the divorce took place, then the UK law would acknowledge the divorce. Specific conditions need to be complied with when seeking an Islamic divorce in Pakistan or Bangladesh. The husband should give notice to the chairman of the council ward where the couple reside and should inform his wife as well. Once the 90-day period of Iddat comes to an end after the notification, the divorce will finally come into effect, unless the husband has changed his mind and will not terminate his marriage.

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