Sponsored blog post: Cycling Safety Call to London Mayoral Candidates

Candidates in the upcoming elections for Mayor of London have been asked to declare their plans to reduce cycling accidents in the capital by a senior cycling advocate. Brian Cookson, President of British Cycling, issued an open letter to all candidates in this year’s elections, after new figures revealed more cyclists are being injured in accidents on London’s roads. According to these figures, 16 cyclists were killed on roads in London last year and already this year, a 53-year cycle courier has died after being knocked off his bike in the City of London. With bikes becoming an increasingly popular way of cycling to work, road safety campaigners and cycling groups are calling for more to be done in terms of better road design, more training for motorists and reduced speed limits on certain key inner-city routes.

As well as these measures, Mr Cookson highlighted the need for more to be done to make heavy goods vehicles less of a risk for cyclists. Changes to the design and placement of mirrors, especially in the so-called “blind-spots” behind the heavy goods vehicle and either side of the driver’s cab would make it easier for the drivers to spot cyclists. As the letter says, a serious road accident could happen to anyone who cycles on the road not just those who cycle for a living, such as cycle couriers, or commuters.

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Neil Worrall
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