Book recommendation: 'Learning the Law' by Glanville Williams

"Essential reading for anyone embarking on the study of law or on a course that includes an element of law.An excellent introduction to the methods and skills of the law. Beautifully written and gives a sense of historical importance to the law...prepares the student extremely well for legal studies." New Law Journal

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Book recommendation: 'The Rule of Law' by Tom Bingham

'The Rule of Law' is a phrase much used but little examined. The idea of the rule of law as the foundation of modern states and civilisations has recently become even more talismanic than that of democracy, but what does it actually consist of?

In this brilliant short book, Britain's former senior law lord, and one of the world's most acute legal minds, examines what the idea actually means. He makes clear that the rule of law is not an arid legal doctrine but is the foundation of a fair and just society, is a guarantee of responsible government, is an important contribution to economic growth and offers the best means yet devised for securing peace and co-operation. He briefly examines the historical origins of the rule, and then advances eight conditions which capture its essence as understood in western democracies today. He also discusses the strains imposed on the rule of law by the threat and experience of international terrorism.

The book will be influential in many different fields and should become a key text for anyone interested in politics, society and the state of our world.

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Book recommendation: 'The Essential Legal Skills Set'

Comprising of three popular texts from Oxford University Press, the Essential Skills Set is a must-have for any student about to embark on a law course, providing them with the essential skills and reference tools required for successful study. This set offers excellent value for money, representing a £15 saving, and is attractively presented, making it an ideal gift for any law student. Strong: How to Write Law Essays and Exams Provides law students with a practical and proven method of analyzing and answering essays and exam questions. The book includes numerous worked examples and helpful tip boxes to help reinforce learning. An Online Resource Centre provides answers to FAQs, information on citations, and the helpful breakdown of a case into its constituent parts. Wilson & Kenny: The Law Student's Handbook Offers a practical guide to studying law. It introduces the ways in which law is taught, gives an overview of the English legal system, and covers in detail the practical study and academic legal skills required to study law. Accompanied by an extensive Online Resource Centre containing useful information about law courses, advice on answering questions, further reading and web links. Martin & Law: A Dictionary of Law This comprehensive dictionary provides clear, jargon-free definitions of the key legal terms, concepts, and processes, including terms from European, international, human rights, and environmental law. In-depth feature entries throughout also give extra detail for key topics such as adoption law and terrorism acts.

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Sponsored post: Cycle helmets “of no use” in serious road accidents

Cycle helmets offer little protection to people involved in serious cycling accidents, according to academics at St George’s University of London. The new research was compiled by Dr Carwyn Hooper, a lecturer and researcher at the University in response to a proposal in Northern Ireland to make the wearing of cycle helmets compulsory for all cyclists. Making cycling helmets compulsory has been and continues to be a controversial topic, with many cyclists’ groups arguing that the move would contradict efforts to get more people cycling - by making them less likely to use their bikes. Speaking about the research, one of the legal advisors to CTC, Britain’s largest cycling charity, which has spoken out against compulsory helmet proposals said:

“Both British and European standards require helmets to withstand a free-fall drop from 1.5 metres onto a flat and kerb shaped anvil, at an impact speed of about 12 mph. This is equivalent to falling to the ground from a stationary riding position. Cycle helmets are not, and cannot be, designed for impacts with moving traffic.

There is good evidence from Australia and Canada that enforced helmet laws reduce the number of cycle journeys, this in itself undermines the Government's target to increase the number of cycle journeys in the UK.”

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Book recommendation: 'Black Water Rising' by Attica Locke

`[An] atmospheric, richly convoluted debut novel... deeply nuanced...' --Janet Maslin, New York Times

'What a ride! Black Water Rising is a superlative debut' --James Ellroy

'Black Water Rising is a stylish, involving literary thriller with a strong emphasis on human politics and character.' --George Pelecanos

'This is an authentic, atmospheric debut that burns with an entirely reasonable anger.'
--Val McDermid

'The most impressive crime debut I've read this year' --Marcel Berlins, The Times

`Attica Locke's first book is a winner' --Literary Review

`A truly gripping read' --The List

'The most impressive crime debut I've read this year' --Marcel Berlins, The Times

`Propels this young, African-American writer into the upper stratum of crime fiction' --Colin Fowler, FT

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