Sponsored post: Cycle helmets “of no use” in serious road accidents

Cycle helmets offer little protection to people involved in serious cycling accidents, according to academics at St George’s University of London. The new research was compiled by Dr Carwyn Hooper, a lecturer and researcher at the University in response to a proposal in Northern Ireland to make the wearing of cycle helmets compulsory for all cyclists. Making cycling helmets compulsory has been and continues to be a controversial topic, with many cyclists’ groups arguing that the move would contradict efforts to get more people cycling - by making them less likely to use their bikes. Speaking about the research, one of the legal advisors to CTC, Britain’s largest cycling charity, which has spoken out against compulsory helmet proposals said:

“Both British and European standards require helmets to withstand a free-fall drop from 1.5 metres onto a flat and kerb shaped anvil, at an impact speed of about 12 mph. This is equivalent to falling to the ground from a stationary riding position. Cycle helmets are not, and cannot be, designed for impacts with moving traffic.

There is good evidence from Australia and Canada that enforced helmet laws reduce the number of cycle journeys, this in itself undermines the Government's target to increase the number of cycle journeys in the UK.”

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