Osborne Clarke and Field Fisher Waterhouse call off merger talks

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Although similar approaches and ideals led many to believe a merger between Osborne Clarke and Field Fisher Waterhouse may be possible, the differences in operating structure has led to talks being abandoned and confirmation that the merger will not be taking place.

With talks ending before Field Fisher Waterhouse were due to update staff regarding the progress of the merger at their Annual Retreat, it became apparent that there were significant obstacles which rendered the merger unworkable. Although comparisons have been drawn between their corporate practices, the differences between the firms ultimately proved to be too big to facilitate an effective and feasible merger. Michael Chissick, Acting Managing Partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse stated that, “although our firms have similar ambitions, they have a number of essential differences, including those between both firms’ international structures. Those differences were marked enough to convince us that we would retain our core strengths better as separate firms.”

This view was shared by Osborne Clarke with Managing Partner Simon Beswick maintaining that, “we have a fairly similar vision of where we want to be and, between us, we have some great practices that could work well together. However, there are some differences in our approaches as to how we get there.”

Whilst there are no current plans for a merger between the firms, both Osborne Clarke and Field Fisher Waterhouse have spoken of the amicable departure from merger negotiations and confirmed that strong relationships and friendships between the firms have been forged throughout the process.

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