Book recommendation: Sober As A Judge by Henry Cecil


Roger Thursby, the hero of Brothers in Law and Friends at Court, continues his career as a High Court judge. He presides over a series of unusual cases, including a professional debtor and an action about a consignment of oranges which turned to juice before delivery. There is a delightful succession of eccentric witnesses as the reader views proceedings from the bench. Available from Amazon.


Book recommendation: Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry


Twice-widowed, alone, and in her late 70s, Hannah Coulter sorts through her memories and contemplates the deterioration of community. Available from Amazon.


Book recommendation: Glanville Williams: Learning the Law (Fifteenth Edition)


First published in 1945, Glanville Williams: Learning the Law has been introducing new and prospective law students to the foundation skills needed to study law effectively for more than sixty years. Presenting an overview of the English Legal System and covering the essential legal skills that students need to master if they want to succeed both in their legal studies and in their future careers, this is a must-have book for all new law students! Available from Amazon.