Book recommendation: Diary of a Lawyer by Goldie Millan

When her beloved father dies under suspicious circumstances, Liberty Deller finds herself the recipient of a host of mysterious objects, as well as a £500,000 inheritance. Viewing it as the perfect opportunity to uncover the truth behind her father’s death, Liberty joins his old firm—and quickly realises that dark secrets abound. As paralegal to the ruthless Lydia Bammona, Liberty receives a crash course in the moral and ethical limbo that exists at the Yorkshire-based law firm that’s funded by a pair of brothers known as the “Yorkshire Terriors.” Recording her thoughts and one-sided conversations with her deceased father in the diary that he left her, Liberty slowly unravels a tangled web of lies that puts her in increasing amounts of danger. As robed men begin to follow her every move, Liberty falls victim to attempted murder, kidnapping, and more. But what do these mysterious stalkers want? With surprising plot twists that include family drama and a touch of romance, Diary of a Lawyer offers up plenty of suspense for lawyers and mystery lovers, alike. Available from Amazon.


Book recommendation: The Man Who Left by Theresa Weir

THE MAN WHO LEFT is a memoir about the importance of fathers. It's about the men who leave, and the men who stay. It's a familiar story. Father leaves his wife and children and never looks back. Theresa Weir was five when her father left his family for a better life with a wealthy socialite. Many years passed with only occasional and grudging contact by Theresa's father. When Theresa married into a successful farm family, her father resurfaced, but she couldn't help but be suspicious of his awkward visits. Years later, when the aging socialite dies and Theresa's father is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, people expect Theresa to move to Florida to care for him. A daughter's duty. This is Theresa's personal story of a strained and painful father/daughter relationship. What does a daughter owe the father who abandoned her? Available from Amazon.


Book recommendation: Judicial Whispers (Caper Court) by Caro Fraser

For Leo Davies, a charming, brilliant barrister at one of London's most prestigious chambers, life is good. It is only when he applies to take silk and become a QC that whispers begin of his scandalous sexual past. Leo, a man who has always meticulously divided his personal and professional lives, is unnerved to discover just how much his colleagues seem to know. Could attaching himself to a suitable woman be the solution to his problems? When fellow barrister Anthony Cross falls in love with beautiful solicitor Rachel Dean, Leo realises he may have to callously hurt them both to save his career. But Rachel has a dark and frightening secret of her own, and Leo's relationship with Anthony is more complicated than ever ... Available from Amazon.


Book recommendation: Crucial Evidence by Margaret Barnes

Lenny Barker is pleading not guilty to the brutal murder of prostitute Shelley Paulson, while his defence barrister Cassie Hardman is left in no doubt of his guilt - that is until she learns of compelling new evidence in the high profile case to which only she is privy. Risking her future career and her ambition to become a QC, Cassie Hardman seeks a fair trial for the accused Barker, and will stop at nothing to locate the missing witness who may hold the key to his acquittal. Will she find the man in question before the jury retires to consider their verdict at the Old Bailey? And if Barker is acquitted of the gruesome crime who was really responsible? Available from Amazon.